Barn Find Northwest is a website dedicated to helping people identify and find classic cars and trucks in the northwest that have been forgotten or neglected over time. Our site seeks to connect these vehicles with the people who can find and restore them to their former glory for the enjoyment of future generations. If you live in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana or Northern California, and know of a pre 1972 car or truck that is loosing the battle to time, we want to hear from you! Our easy web interface allows you to upload images and give a location and description of the car or truck right from your computer. Our site is even mobile friendly, so if you stumble upon a barn find when you are out and about, you can easily submit pictures directly from your smartphone!

As our database of Barn Finds grows, we will be adding features to search for finds based on vehicle type and even location!

Have any questions? Drop us a line on our contacts page!